Our 2020 Q1 Fairlington Real Estate Report

Here is our team’s most recent analysis of Fairlington’s real estate market, providing you with the latest, most-accurate insights that you won’t find anywhere else.

Model Breakdown

Average Sales Prices and Floor Plans (2020 Q1)

Arlington Model

Homes Sold:


Low Price:


Average Price:


High Price:


When listing a property for sale, recent sales of the same model will be used as comparables to determine the price. In general, more recent sales make better comps.

*Sales considered to have been made under special circumstances or heavily converted models are not included to provide the most relevant market data. (i.e. Estate Sales, For Sale By Owner, etc.)

Hey, New Neighbor!

Breakdown of Sales by Association (2020 Q1)

















Year-Over-Year Comparison

2020 is a big year for Fairlington.  We are now known nationwide for having one of the hottest real estate markets in the country and the new year has brought new questions: Will we see an inventory shortage similar to 2019?  Will “the Amazon effect” slow down now that we’ve seen one year of explosive growth?  Or is there more to come?  Let’s look at quarter 1 stats for some insight.

Number of Listings

2017: 53

2018: 52

2019: 51

2020: 62

Number of Sales

2017: 48

2018: 49

2019: 31

2020: 39

Days On Market

2017: 34

2018: 20

2019: 8

2020: 9

Sales vs List Ratio

2017: 98.0%

2018: 99.0%

2019: 101.6%

2020: 100.8%

Kay Houghton & Associates vs. The Market

Sales to List Price Ratio* (2020 Q1)
*Includes any seller incentives/credits given as a result of home inspection e.g. after everything, we still make you almost half a percent more on your sale!

  • Arlington: 99.0%
  • Fairlington: 100.8%
  • Kay Houghton & Associates: 101.2%

Average Days on Market (2020 Q1)

Why It Pays to List with a Neighborhood Expert

Agents that sold less than 5 homes in Fairlington (2019):

  • Sale Price to List Price: 101.3%
  • Average concession given to buyer: $1,050

Kay Houghton & Associates (2019):

  • Sale Price to List Price: 102.1% (almost a full percent more!)
  • Average concession given to buyer: $675
  • Homes Listed in Fairlington: 34
  • No other Realtor helps more Fairlington buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants!

Get The Most Out Of Your Sale

Despite being one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the DC-metro area, we see a stark divide in Fairlington sales. (2019)

1 in 11 Fairlington sellers will lose 2% (or more) of their list price
Nearly 1 in 8 will sit on the market for two weeks or more
15% of sellers had to give the buyer a $2,000 concession to get the deal done