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Fairlington Real Estate Report

Fairlington is unlike any other community and this is perhaps reflected best in our real estate market.  Our rich history, along with the various associations, models, and home configurations requires a true neighborhood expert to interpret.

We make it our business to know real estate in Fairlington, inside and out.  We release a quarterly Fairlington Real Estate Update that features an in-depth analysis of the neighborhood that you won’t find anywhere else.  This is capped off every year in January when we take a comprehensive look at the prior year’s real estate stats.

Kay Houghton and Associates’ quarterly/annual Fairlington Real Estate Report covers:

  • Sales by association

  • Low, high, and average prices by model

  • Valuable insight into the coming Fairlington real estate market

  • And much more!

The 2019 Quarter 1 Fairlington Real Estate Report is here – get your copy now!