A Backpack Full of Emotions

A Backpack Full of Emotions: Choosing a Cause

With so many charitable causes out there, it can be hard to choose just one. However, when the team was approached about donating backpacks for a family at Doorways, I filled with excitement. I suppose you need to know that I love office supplies. One of my first jobs out of high school was working at our local Office Depot store. I also love organization, paper goods, you name it…

So I immediately volunteered to run with the donation. I’d make the list, I’d shop, then prepare a fully stocked backpack, and then deliver it to Doorways. Little did I know this small act of kindness would help reveal something much deeper in myself.

A Random Realization

As I was going on hour 2 or 3 in Target and re-reading these lists over and over, it suddenly hit me. My Mother did this every year for 13 years and I don’t think I ever said, “thanks for taking me school shopping.” Now at the time, I was more concerned with why we could only afford a certain brand of clothing and I thought it would make me feel left out. Well looking back, I think that was hardly the case. And now that I have had to go Back to School shopping myself, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have children there pulling in each direction.

It was at this moment I sent my Mom a text:

“Thank you for taking me school shopping all those years.”

As I could feel myself tearing up, she replied. “You’re welcome, but where is this coming from?” I explained the donation and we reminisced a bit about school shopping.

Be Thankful

Participating in Doorways Back to School Backpack Program was truly humbling and I will be forever grateful for the lesson it taught me, Be thankful. I truly hope those backpacks bring as much joy as they brought me.

By: Phillip Ray, who thanks to his mother every day.

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